Saturday, July 31, 2010

Got bombshell?: Golden Girls : Sex and the City :: the egg : the chicken

Quick blogger link to an awesome post I stumbled onto : Got bombshell?: Golden Girls : Sex and the City :: the egg : the chicken Soooo frikkin' true! Touche Got Bombshell? ! Well played!

Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Obsession

So with the man-thing being gone all week and Malcolm out of town I was forced to entertain myself! (I think we can all agree that this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to me) I went to work every day . . came home and made dinner  ate something resembling dinner* . . . and watched cheesy documentaries about my current obsession.

Roller derby. Yep, Saskatoon has a roller derby league.

Unfortunately their next scheduled bout isn't until September :( Boo-erns. I so want to see these chicks in action! (youtube half-ass obliges In the meantime I've been trying to find somewhere in the city which might possibly sell quad skates; much like these beauties right here. . .

oooh smexy

To no avail. I may just have to break down and order them online. You know. . so I can skate around. . and . . not. . . I mean NOT join the SRDL. 

But if I did. . . what should my derby name be??? I mean the name alone may well be the single most important part of being a roller derby girl. 

Incidentally . . I blame this obsession on subliminal messaging. Just yesterday I noticed that a vehicle I pass every day on my way into work has 3 bumper sticker/decals on the rear window. One for Sockdreams whose socks I absolutely adore! One for the SRDL . . and one last one that says:

                                                    EAT. . . SLEEP. . . DERBY

*may actually refer to a bag of dill pickle chips

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carl Sagan: A Universe Not Made For Us

Carl Sagan was the man . . and very few have ever been able to place things as firmly into the proper perspectives as he did. Carl was never an inflammatory speaker; seeking to belittle or anger his detractors. He simply put forth the truth of our circumstances here in this world as it is supported by empirical evidence. This universe was indeed, not 'made' for us. We are simply lucky enough to inhabit it and all of us ought to do better by it and preserve the natural state and balance of our universe as best we can, whilst continuing to grow and benefit from the 'forbidden fruit' ~ knowledge.

{If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library. ~ Frank Zappa}

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bird and the Bee - Rich Girl (Album Vers., HQ)

From the what am I listening to lately files . . . the ridiculously pop album tribute of the century. . . The Bird and the Bee ~ Interpreting the Masters Volume1: A Tribute To Hall & Oates. Yeah it's all a little syrupy, but if you grew up in the 80's it's pretty hard to pass it by LOL. Yeah there's no video, so listen anyway. I think the real question here is : if this is volume 1. . . which former 80's super pop group will they be covering next?