Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Boss Is Awesome!

Last week my boss called me into her office *cue the ominous music* Just kidding! It's never scary in Becky's office; unless she's been up all night decorating the store with Debbs and is now cycling through the giddy delirium of sleep deprivation. Anyway Becky loves to shop, and with the holiday season nearly upon us she's been keeping her eye out for awesome gifty opportunities to spoil the staff. Hey wait. . staff. . .that's me! Wanna see what I got? I bet you do!

HOLY CRAP! It's zombie cross stitch!

Complete fun-ness including an undead MJ!

Bahaha mmmm . . . brains. . . 

So. . yeah, Becky told me she brought this home and her hubby was somewhat aghast until he was informed it was a gift for me. At which point I'm sure it all made perfect sense 'oh yeah that weird girl at work who makes me kinda uncomfortable'  Poor boy. I'm sure he was greatly relieved it wasn't going to be Becky's new hobby. Maybe I should get her into crafting oddities. Muahahahaha *rubs hands together evilly*. Think of the fun she could have! 

Anyway, isn't that just the best 'gift from the boss' you ever did see!? Go now. .  be jealous. It's ok. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Makeover Monday!

Why does that say Makeover Monday? Possibly because I am once again here to apologize for being a bad blogger. Yep. You may have been expecting another installment of Celluloid Sunday to be posted up yesterday; and rightfully so since it was Sunday after all, only to find no posts from me . . . again. I swear I meant to post up in my usual fashion just before midnight. I had the movie all picked out, knew what I was gonna say, found you a nice clip. . . . and then I decided to do my dishes. So by the time I remembered my original plan, my clock on the microwave read 12:04. *face palms repeatedly* Go me!

Anyway I figured I'd post you something in lieu of my regular feature mostly neglected somewhat bi-weekly feature. So please except this awesome 'makeover' of Aqua's Barbie Girl. Yeah you heard me, Barbie Girl. C'mon Barbie let's go party!

Bahahahaha. . . this guy has talent. I love it when he cracks himself up towards the end but keeps going anyways. He has a few other cover tunes and some original material on YouTube, you can find that here; but this one was definitely my fave.