Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'ekend Fun

Well we didn't do too much this weekend; despite it being Hallowe'en. The man-thing and I did the pre-requisite shopping and run around Saturday afternoon; unwisely deciding upon the purchase of one pumpkin to carve. Then we headed off to SRDL's* intra-league bout between the Multiple ConVixens and the Misfit Mafia. The man-thing likes to cheer for the Convixens, whilst I have decided upon the Mafia as my team. (They wear purple and black and have Forna Kate and my new fave Fireweed) There was a little costume contest action at the halfway point. I still say Magnum PI and Hit-Girl were robbed; they had the best costumes there for the adults, both completely home made as well. My team of course won the bout last night, because they rock. 198 - 162 I believe was the final score. With a large number of those points scored by Fireweed. That girl can skate.

Next we headed back home; both the man-thing and I had somehow forgotten our cell phones at the house before heading out *insert eye-roll here*, only to find a text from Kayla reminding me that her band the Seahags was playing downtown at Erotic Encounter Boutique. So we headed back out in hopes of catching their set. Luckily as things usually go, they were late getting going so we didn't miss a thing. We got to meet Kayla's friend and band-mate April. (She seems super nice in a 'not a phony' way) The Seahags were dressed for the occasion, rockin' a group costume of the Royal Tenenbaums. Timothy O'Doran and Friends started the evening out (I'd give you a link n all but I googled the boy and came up with not but his very private facebook-y page . . . no linky for you Mr. O'Doran) The boy can play but I have to admit the accompanying accordion was a trifle heavy handed and droning at times. Then the Seahags took the stage and they were pretty damn good actually. I don't go in for the gospel stuff, so maybe I could have done without that portion of the set; but I can see where these girls could really tighten up if they had the opportunity to devote more time to their art. They can really play.

If I had one constructive point of advise for them. . . .it would be to colour up their set by varying the tempo of the tracks. Toss in a slow number or two, throw in a harder take here and there. Riki took a fairly good run at Jolene for their closing number but I always find it hard to listen to a cover by someone as recognizable as Dolly. Unless you've really gone over the arrangement and made it entirely your own I still here the original in my head, and nobody wants to be compared to Dolly. ( Well maybe Whitney but that's another story. . . yikes) The White Stripes do an interesting version you can find here. Susanna and The Magical Orchestra gave it a passable try though it still seems to be missing something. In my head I guess I hear it as a mix of the two, the pared down breathier singing style married with the heavier hitting sound of the drums et al when the chorus comes in. Let the instruments take care of the 'power' instead of belting it like Dolly does, and convey the raw emotion, the desperation of the piece through the anguished sound of the singer's  voice. Cover songs are dicey business.

In honour of that fact I'm gonna give you a little video of a truly great cover. . . .or two.

Billie Jean ~ Foy Vance. I've heard him do this better but this is the cleanest youtube copy out there.

Damien Rice ~ When Doves Cry. This is freakin' incredible. . .so listen to it quick before the audio gets pulled like every other copy I found posted up on youtube. He pulls off the most incredible segue mid-song, you just don't wanna miss it.

Anyway, Kayla. . .you kick ass girl! . . .and you're cute doin' it. 

So today we took it easy, carved the pumpkin. . . .into a pea shooter from Plants VS Zombies!!!! . . .hunted around for a second pumpkin to carve into a zombie, to no avail; everywhere was clean sold out. Set it up outside and waited for the trick or treaters to come. Which they did not. We had like four kids show up, while it was still light outside no less. They didn't even get to see the full effect of our pumpkin. Is Hallowe'en completely defunct in Saskatchewan as well? WTF? Seriously! So very sad. . .luckily we have a very large bowl of candy for me to console myself with; but man, if I had known nobody was gonna show up I'd have bought some higher quality diggs! *super sigh* I'd post a pic of my carving along with his accompanying paper zombies but I totally lost all love for the event when I realized nobody was coming for my sweet, sweet candy. :( 

So . . .I guess that about sums up Hallowe'ekend. So glad we got to see the Seahags play, and enjoy some derby action! 

*I'd give you the link to the SRDL's website but it's been under construction for some time now and there just isn't a lot to see. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Remorseful Blogger Post

Mea culpa! I have been neglecting this blog as of lately but I swear, I was very busy and slightly unwell. It's not because I don't wanna blog anymore. So I'm promising to do a better job of blogging in the coming weeks. I don't actually have a post planned out tonight but I figured an update was long overdue so tonight I give you the awesome video round up.

I absolutely love that video. Nothing pushed the anxiety levels over the edge quicker when playing Yoshi's Island than that screaming baby Mario.

Twelve! This one's for Kayla ;)

And a bonus piccy of the clucking egg laying hen machine that was to be found dispensing cheap plastic mass produced shit from China wondrous rare treasures back in my squandered youth.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Incredible Manic Man Post

I am well aware that my taste in many areas is questionable at best,  and well outside the norm. I've never seen the allure of Brad Pitt; with or without shirt, and the  People's Sexiest Man Alive  issues always leave me questioning just what it is I'm missing that all these other ladies are so obviously seeing.  Not that this is a source of angst for me. Simply a point of mental ponderance.

The man-thing knows no pretty face or tight set of abs could ever turn my head. No metro-suave hipster wannabe with bedroom eyes would tempt me from his side. . . . but a manic man might just make me drool a little while. These musical boys brimming over with passion, conviction, and talent; they have the power to make me stop and look, but mostly to listen. So I figured I'd share some manic men I love with you.

New to my list of interesting manic men is Marcus Mumford. Not exactly the kind of pretty faced boy who finds himself on the cover of TigerBeat but man, this guy's for real. Like all the men on this list he's a multi-tasker; singer, song writer, guitarist, drummer, and he plays the freakin' mandolin.

Finding decent live footage of Brent Knopf playing in his Ramona Falls incarnate is not easy. There are so few videos off of Intuit, most of which were shot in seedy little pubs with atrocious sound. Absolute philistines walk around drunken and disrespectfully chatting through his performances; completely unaware of the musical genius being laid before them. Therefore I encourage you to also view the official video for this song. (Unless your one of my FB friends who already had to endure my rant about what a freakin' genius this man is and viewed it last year :P)

On to the original, and arguably most manic man in music today, Damien Rice. This is where the drool wiping really begins to get crazy. This boy should probably charge a nominal fee with every performance for the therapy session he provides. His songs are an absolute catharsis. This extended version live footage for 'I Remember' blows my mind. That boy must be utterly exhausted by the end of every show, he truly leaves it all on the stage.

Lastly, the man whose voice has never been absent from my Ipod over the last five+ years. Whether it be from his solo work, his old band or his new; Glen Hansard has always held my attention. Possibly my first encounter with his work was in the movie The Commitments as Outspan Foster wayyyyy back in '91.  I rarely heard or saw anything of him during the next decade. The Frames have somehow never 'made it' in North America. This suits me just fine though. Being played on popular radio and tarnished by big time record producers might have spoiled my love affair with their music. Though it was exceedingly nice to seem him win the Oscar, even if nobody else even knew who he was.

So unless Glen decides to leave Marketa and wanders aimlessly onto my door step in Saskatoon. . . .I think it's safe to say the man-thing's position in my life is pretty secure. Besides, when the mood strikes and he picks up his twelve-string, he can get a little manic all on his own ;)