Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Boss Is Awesome!

Last week my boss called me into her office *cue the ominous music* Just kidding! It's never scary in Becky's office; unless she's been up all night decorating the store with Debbs and is now cycling through the giddy delirium of sleep deprivation. Anyway Becky loves to shop, and with the holiday season nearly upon us she's been keeping her eye out for awesome gifty opportunities to spoil the staff. Hey wait. . staff. . .that's me! Wanna see what I got? I bet you do!

HOLY CRAP! It's zombie cross stitch!

Complete fun-ness including an undead MJ!

Bahaha mmmm . . . brains. . . 

So. . yeah, Becky told me she brought this home and her hubby was somewhat aghast until he was informed it was a gift for me. At which point I'm sure it all made perfect sense 'oh yeah that weird girl at work who makes me kinda uncomfortable'  Poor boy. I'm sure he was greatly relieved it wasn't going to be Becky's new hobby. Maybe I should get her into crafting oddities. Muahahahaha *rubs hands together evilly*. Think of the fun she could have! 

Anyway, isn't that just the best 'gift from the boss' you ever did see!? Go now. .  be jealous. It's ok. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Makeover Monday!

Why does that say Makeover Monday? Possibly because I am once again here to apologize for being a bad blogger. Yep. You may have been expecting another installment of Celluloid Sunday to be posted up yesterday; and rightfully so since it was Sunday after all, only to find no posts from me . . . again. I swear I meant to post up in my usual fashion just before midnight. I had the movie all picked out, knew what I was gonna say, found you a nice clip. . . . and then I decided to do my dishes. So by the time I remembered my original plan, my clock on the microwave read 12:04. *face palms repeatedly* Go me!

Anyway I figured I'd post you something in lieu of my regular feature mostly neglected somewhat bi-weekly feature. So please except this awesome 'makeover' of Aqua's Barbie Girl. Yeah you heard me, Barbie Girl. C'mon Barbie let's go party!

Bahahahaha. . . this guy has talent. I love it when he cracks himself up towards the end but keeps going anyways. He has a few other cover tunes and some original material on YouTube, you can find that here; but this one was definitely my fave.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'ekend Fun

Well we didn't do too much this weekend; despite it being Hallowe'en. The man-thing and I did the pre-requisite shopping and run around Saturday afternoon; unwisely deciding upon the purchase of one pumpkin to carve. Then we headed off to SRDL's* intra-league bout between the Multiple ConVixens and the Misfit Mafia. The man-thing likes to cheer for the Convixens, whilst I have decided upon the Mafia as my team. (They wear purple and black and have Forna Kate and my new fave Fireweed) There was a little costume contest action at the halfway point. I still say Magnum PI and Hit-Girl were robbed; they had the best costumes there for the adults, both completely home made as well. My team of course won the bout last night, because they rock. 198 - 162 I believe was the final score. With a large number of those points scored by Fireweed. That girl can skate.

Next we headed back home; both the man-thing and I had somehow forgotten our cell phones at the house before heading out *insert eye-roll here*, only to find a text from Kayla reminding me that her band the Seahags was playing downtown at Erotic Encounter Boutique. So we headed back out in hopes of catching their set. Luckily as things usually go, they were late getting going so we didn't miss a thing. We got to meet Kayla's friend and band-mate April. (She seems super nice in a 'not a phony' way) The Seahags were dressed for the occasion, rockin' a group costume of the Royal Tenenbaums. Timothy O'Doran and Friends started the evening out (I'd give you a link n all but I googled the boy and came up with not but his very private facebook-y page . . . no linky for you Mr. O'Doran) The boy can play but I have to admit the accompanying accordion was a trifle heavy handed and droning at times. Then the Seahags took the stage and they were pretty damn good actually. I don't go in for the gospel stuff, so maybe I could have done without that portion of the set; but I can see where these girls could really tighten up if they had the opportunity to devote more time to their art. They can really play.

If I had one constructive point of advise for them. . . .it would be to colour up their set by varying the tempo of the tracks. Toss in a slow number or two, throw in a harder take here and there. Riki took a fairly good run at Jolene for their closing number but I always find it hard to listen to a cover by someone as recognizable as Dolly. Unless you've really gone over the arrangement and made it entirely your own I still here the original in my head, and nobody wants to be compared to Dolly. ( Well maybe Whitney but that's another story. . . yikes) The White Stripes do an interesting version you can find here. Susanna and The Magical Orchestra gave it a passable try though it still seems to be missing something. In my head I guess I hear it as a mix of the two, the pared down breathier singing style married with the heavier hitting sound of the drums et al when the chorus comes in. Let the instruments take care of the 'power' instead of belting it like Dolly does, and convey the raw emotion, the desperation of the piece through the anguished sound of the singer's  voice. Cover songs are dicey business.

In honour of that fact I'm gonna give you a little video of a truly great cover. . . .or two.

Billie Jean ~ Foy Vance. I've heard him do this better but this is the cleanest youtube copy out there.

Damien Rice ~ When Doves Cry. This is freakin' incredible. . .so listen to it quick before the audio gets pulled like every other copy I found posted up on youtube. He pulls off the most incredible segue mid-song, you just don't wanna miss it.

Anyway, Kayla. . .you kick ass girl! . . .and you're cute doin' it. 

So today we took it easy, carved the pumpkin. . . .into a pea shooter from Plants VS Zombies!!!! . . .hunted around for a second pumpkin to carve into a zombie, to no avail; everywhere was clean sold out. Set it up outside and waited for the trick or treaters to come. Which they did not. We had like four kids show up, while it was still light outside no less. They didn't even get to see the full effect of our pumpkin. Is Hallowe'en completely defunct in Saskatchewan as well? WTF? Seriously! So very sad. . .luckily we have a very large bowl of candy for me to console myself with; but man, if I had known nobody was gonna show up I'd have bought some higher quality diggs! *super sigh* I'd post a pic of my carving along with his accompanying paper zombies but I totally lost all love for the event when I realized nobody was coming for my sweet, sweet candy. :( 

So . . .I guess that about sums up Hallowe'ekend. So glad we got to see the Seahags play, and enjoy some derby action! 

*I'd give you the link to the SRDL's website but it's been under construction for some time now and there just isn't a lot to see. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Remorseful Blogger Post

Mea culpa! I have been neglecting this blog as of lately but I swear, I was very busy and slightly unwell. It's not because I don't wanna blog anymore. So I'm promising to do a better job of blogging in the coming weeks. I don't actually have a post planned out tonight but I figured an update was long overdue so tonight I give you the awesome video round up.

I absolutely love that video. Nothing pushed the anxiety levels over the edge quicker when playing Yoshi's Island than that screaming baby Mario.

Twelve! This one's for Kayla ;)

And a bonus piccy of the clucking egg laying hen machine that was to be found dispensing cheap plastic mass produced shit from China wondrous rare treasures back in my squandered youth.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Incredible Manic Man Post

I am well aware that my taste in many areas is questionable at best,  and well outside the norm. I've never seen the allure of Brad Pitt; with or without shirt, and the  People's Sexiest Man Alive  issues always leave me questioning just what it is I'm missing that all these other ladies are so obviously seeing.  Not that this is a source of angst for me. Simply a point of mental ponderance.

The man-thing knows no pretty face or tight set of abs could ever turn my head. No metro-suave hipster wannabe with bedroom eyes would tempt me from his side. . . . but a manic man might just make me drool a little while. These musical boys brimming over with passion, conviction, and talent; they have the power to make me stop and look, but mostly to listen. So I figured I'd share some manic men I love with you.

New to my list of interesting manic men is Marcus Mumford. Not exactly the kind of pretty faced boy who finds himself on the cover of TigerBeat but man, this guy's for real. Like all the men on this list he's a multi-tasker; singer, song writer, guitarist, drummer, and he plays the freakin' mandolin.

Finding decent live footage of Brent Knopf playing in his Ramona Falls incarnate is not easy. There are so few videos off of Intuit, most of which were shot in seedy little pubs with atrocious sound. Absolute philistines walk around drunken and disrespectfully chatting through his performances; completely unaware of the musical genius being laid before them. Therefore I encourage you to also view the official video for this song. (Unless your one of my FB friends who already had to endure my rant about what a freakin' genius this man is and viewed it last year :P)

On to the original, and arguably most manic man in music today, Damien Rice. This is where the drool wiping really begins to get crazy. This boy should probably charge a nominal fee with every performance for the therapy session he provides. His songs are an absolute catharsis. This extended version live footage for 'I Remember' blows my mind. That boy must be utterly exhausted by the end of every show, he truly leaves it all on the stage.

Lastly, the man whose voice has never been absent from my Ipod over the last five+ years. Whether it be from his solo work, his old band or his new; Glen Hansard has always held my attention. Possibly my first encounter with his work was in the movie The Commitments as Outspan Foster wayyyyy back in '91.  I rarely heard or saw anything of him during the next decade. The Frames have somehow never 'made it' in North America. This suits me just fine though. Being played on popular radio and tarnished by big time record producers might have spoiled my love affair with their music. Though it was exceedingly nice to seem him win the Oscar, even if nobody else even knew who he was.

So unless Glen decides to leave Marketa and wanders aimlessly onto my door step in Saskatoon. . . .I think it's safe to say the man-thing's position in my life is pretty secure. Besides, when the mood strikes and he picks up his twelve-string, he can get a little manic all on his own ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Celluloid Sunday!

Ha! Bet you figured I'd forgotten all about my commitment to developing a regular feature within the confines of this blog! The jokes on you 'cause it's Sunday again folks and we're gonna look at some celluloid goodness!

Honestly, I want to encourage you not to watch the preview for this film as I think it gives too much of what the movie is away; and in some cases (like this one) the viewer is better served going into the story without preconceived notions of where the film will take them. So don't click the link unless you absolutely have to or you just won't see the film.

Frozen River is an austere tale of hardship and it's filmed that way. In fact the print is so grainy at times one can be forgiven for thinking they are watching a vhs copy filmed off an old aerial feed. It's that bad in spots. . . but if I'm being honest. . . it was probably largely intentional. It lends a grittier almost more real sense of bleakness to the lives of the characters. It gives credence to their struggle with poverty, legality, and ultimately morality.

Melissa Leo turns in a very believable performance as Ray; a wife, mother, and employee, on the brink of losing it all despite her best efforts. The lines between right, wrong, and survival become blurred as we walk with her and Lila through dark and challenging issues of morality. At times the film does feel a bit contrived and disconnected from emotion.  The fact that the film received two Oscar nominations, Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly For The Screen, being one of them comes as no surprise. Writer/ Director Courtney Hunt is far from seasoned but there are seeds of enormous promise being sown in this film.

On a purely personal note I enjoyed the regional thrill of Ray and her boys excited by the prospect of going to the "Chopper". While I wouldn't say I myself was ever truly "excited" to go to the Chopper it was a nice reminder of Ontario; and though it is filmed and set in upstate New York, along the border on Mohawk territory. . .it's an area that so closely resembles my home in every way it's practically indistinguishable from Tyendinaga.

I tried to find you a nice video on youtube of Tyendinaga territory, so you could have a visual frame of reference but every link that came up (with the exception of a few squalid 2 minute drive through videos of Deseronto ) had something to do with protests, road blocks, or Shawn Brant. So instead I give you this picture of Smokin' Joe's Drive-Thru Smoke Shop. I think it's an apt choice in accordance with Frozen River's subject matter. Enjoy :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shhhhh . . .it's a secret!

I know she won't see this post, so now that it's ready and being shipped in the morning, I'll let you all have a sneak preview of Lexi's crafted gift this year. I like to try to make her special hand crafted items for her birthday in particular. She truly appreciates having unique one of a kind items with a dark sense of humour. So this year I decided to try my hand at a OOAK custom doll; and since Walmart had these pretty awesome "candy dishes" they were selling, it was a no-brainer as to what the doll should become. This post is going to be epically picture fat! Forewarned!

 What do we have here?

Dead Demon Baby Doll !!!

Yep, I took an innocent, cheery, plastic baby doll and turned him into the scourge of the earth. Most of these photo's had to be taken without flash to avoid the glare of the flash off of his pasty, dead pallor; so I hope you can still get a good look at the little beastie!

Awwww, so cute. . . bye bye!

Full body repaint to achieve pallor and texture of flaking, decaying skin.

Still kinda cute though. . . . 

And what self respecting demon leaves the house without horns?

More textures, shading, and decomposition spots.

A little blood :)

Not too much now. . .

Just right. . . .blood from the ears and eyes. . .

Ooooh. . .dead demon baby bum!

A dead ducky, and monster robe to complete the ensemble.

There you have it. . .and he's off to Ontario to live with the rest of Lexi's collection of oddities and horror memorabilia! I hope she loves him, I think he turned out pretty good; even if I am slightly biased.  LOL 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I really haven't been blogging lately. . .no random good posts, no stupid silly posts, and no Celluloid Sunday. You may be asking yourself exactly "why is that?" Well I'll tell you why. . . .my computer has been behaving like a dirty, dirty @#!&%. I have been suffering a nightmare myriad of BSODs! All with random causes, and none with any cause that can be directly tied back to one problem and thusly be solved! SERIOUSLY! So very frustrating! I have even had to wipe my drive and reinstall my O/S to no avail. The problem must be hardware you say; except that the man-thing has thrown every conceivable test at it and it comes away clean. Total freakin' anarchy reigns supreme within this beast. I kid you not. . it has blue screened whilst doing nothing. That's right, nothing. I have walked away to watch tv leaving no programs running and come back to find it has crashed.

Shhhh let's not tell the computer. . .but whatever the man-thing did last before heading to bed for the night is holding up! 3hours without my friend the BSOD and counting. . . . .running a little slow, kinda choppy at times but NOT turning blue. LOL 

I had to blog you up a link to this though; Hallowe'en preparations have begun in earnest and Kelloggs did not want to be left out this year. Thusly they have released some special limited edition Pop-Tarts for their happy consumers to . . well . . .consume. Check it out over on one of my all time favourite blogs to read ever x-entertainment. One can only hope that they will be made available to those of us north of the border.

Speaking of Hallowe'en and not blogging recently. . . look what I found over at Michaels the other day.

Yep, that's a close up lit shot of my glowing, flashing skull string of Hallowe'en lights . . which plays. . wait for it. . . .John Carpenter's Hallowe'en Theme! Yeah, they're not Michael masks, but I think I can live with it coz it's still pretty cool. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Things I Don't Understand . . .AT . . .ALL

  • Yankee Doodle: Did he name his horse 'Macaroni' or was he totally nuts and mayhaps thought a feather was indeed pasta? It's never entirely been clear to me.
  • Braille on drive through ATM's: No, seriously; braille. . .on. . .drive through. . .  atm's? Pretty sure those blind folks don't do so much driving, let alone multi-tasking while behind the wheel. Although that would explain a lot of things I've seen on the roads. If I were less lazy I would have taken a right nice picture for you but I said "IF".
  • Superman* / Clark Kent: Alter ego my ass! C'mon, not even Lois catches on?

*Read through a hundred or so of these gems.. totally worth it!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Toast Swapiness! Part 2

Yes, I know it's Sunday and you were expecting Celluloid goodness. . . maybe later. MAYBE . . . . I make no promises! Courtenay finally received my toasty swap goodness down in Louisiana so it's now safe to post up the pics of the sweet toasty crafts I made for her.
Group shot!

***Mid post rant**** Ok seriously . . . uploading that photo almost killed me, stupid blogger picture uploader! Stop reading my metadata and just do what I tells ya! UGH!

Okay back to the super sweeeet toasty goodness! Courtenay, my partner, is a Cajun; or more aptly calls herself a Cajun hillbilly lol! So I made her an evolution of toast tote bag.

Some super kawaii "toasters" . . . coasters but toast ;)

A doubled sided keychain with moldy toast charm.

And for good measure I threw in some cotton perle DMC she was wisting after (living in a very small town she can only get her hands on white, black, and red) and a little toaster love card! 

Craftster is seriously the best little crafty place in the world! So many very talented artists and craftsters posting over there it's impossible not to be inspired by them! Stay tuned for my next swap goodies post. . . . . LEGEND!  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My New Favourite TV Commercial

We never did bother with getting "tv" after we moved, we just rely on the warm glowing love of the internets for our entertainment now. However; if I could have only one channel to view for all eternity it would probably be A&E TV. I could happily live off of the oldest of reruns of American Justice, Cold Case Files, Law & Order, and their ilk for all of my remaining days. A&E is to tv what a warm blankie and a good book are to a rainy grey day in October. If I could only watch one commercial for all the remaining hours of my tv viewing. . . it would be this little gem right here. I hope those Spanish language countries where this commercial for Direct TV airs appreciate the insane awesomeness of it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celluloid Sunday!

Almost didn't make it . . . again! Yeesh, it's been a rough week, with really no weekend to speak of. I really needed more than the one day off right now. Still overly exhausted by everything and accomplishing next to nothing. I didn't even manage to finish reading my book this week, how sad is that? Though friday night we did go to the race track with the man-thing's work people and bet on some ponies. We even managed to win a bit of cash at the end, thanks to my superior horse picking method of "I like this name". Highly scientific I tells ya. Then it was home for a couple of hours before heading off to the Broadway to meet up with Kayla and her "man-thing" Shawn for a midnight showing of Nobuhiko Obayayshi's Hausu.

This is a must see for the independent horror fans. Absolutely priceless; in fact I procured a copy last night just so Malcolm can see what he missed out on while he was away. It has total missed-birthday movie viewing potential when he finally returns this thursday! I read on the Facebook page for the event that this film could be described as an episode of Scooby-Doo directed by Dario Argento, and they weren't kidding. It's an esoteric romp through Japanese horror, viewed through the lens of a '70's esthetic. A little too self-aware, and far too colour saturated to be truly considered 'scary' by any stretch of the imagination; Hausu definitely has to be seen to be appreciated.

Thanks again for inviting us Kayla! It was awesome!

P.S. I think I'm overdue to send some happy mail back to a certain lovely lady in Ontario ;) Just might have to include some movie goodness!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celluloid Sunday!

I almost skipped out on Celluloid Sunday today. Been feeling fairly craptacular this week and today certainly hasn't been any better (physically). Though it was a good day for many other reasons, including the discovery of the beautiful brand new Bulk Barn currently under construction over by the Confed Walmart Supercenter! I cannot wait for opening day, sweet bulky goodness; how I've missed you! Then the man-thing and I went all in and made our own gnocchi for dinner. . . completely by hand. . . from the potato up! We kind of ended up with mixed results there, but it was more than edible, and definitely something we'll be revisiting in the future. In the end I decided it would be fairly defeatist of me to allow my second posting of my only 'recurrent' feature to flail and die before it had even begun. So while this post might be slightly lackluster, I find it totally in keeping with this week's offering; The Puffy Chair.

Brothers Jay and Mark Duplass shot this film back in 2005, with a budget somewhere around 15K, (it's probably safe to assume they had to beg, borrow, and steal every penny of it just to get the movie made) and it definitely looks it too. I'd liken it to a very high quality home movie stock, but that never prevents me from viewing a film, and sometimes even lends itself to a higher degree of realism. The premise here is an atypical road trip movie focused on the main character Josh's relationships with his long term girlfriend Emily, and brother Rhett.

This film suffers from a very slow start, and never fully recovers; making it a bit of a hard sell to those who aren't comfortable with the nuances of indie films. The Puffy Chair has the distinction of being one of the first films branded under the then newly coined terminology 'mumblecore' that I referred to last week. Even though some of the scenes feel a little stilted and the acting occasionally leaves something to be desired. . . Mark Duplass' writing is what propelled the film to win an Audience Award at the 2005 SXSW Film Festival. It was a fresh look at topics that have become the mainstay of mumblecore in the intervening years.

Duplass's own relationship with co-star Katie Aselton served as the catalyst here, giving their character exchanges that necessary sense of authenticity which carried the film. Without giving anything away here, again you get the abrupt ending with far less of a sense of closure than even The Vicious Kind affords the viewer. It's almost as if you've finally arrived at the central conflict of the plot, only to be told the ending was never written. Nevertheless The Puffy Chair leaves you wanting more from Duplass; which he subsequently delivers with films like The Intervention, Baghead, and most recently; Cyrus (a film I'm dying to see) .

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hallowe'en is Coming!

I don't even care about the colossal blunder they made pairing John Carpenter's 'Hallowe'en' theme song (possibly because the theme is open source) with the plastic Jason-esque hockey masks. I WANT these lights so bad! I could totally MacGyver me up some sweet, sweet Shatner head mask replica's and have me a beautiful tribute to Michael all year round. They could replace the multi-colour changing strand that currently resides above my bed with of course . . . my Michael figurine. (P.S. he got to lurk in the boughs of the Christmas tree this past Christmas as well) Though I'm fairly certain these were sold through American retailer CVS and as such were possibly not available here in Canada; I'll be keeping my eyes open for them this coming Hallowe'en and if all else fails there's always Ebay!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Somebody Loves Me

No, it's totally true! Somebody really loves me; and as such has sent me awesome birthday loot style objects of affection! It couldn't come at a better time, this week has been harsh! Rainy days, less than stellar news, and feeling sick with a sore throat has been ruining my week. So getting a sweet pair of brand new size 38 black china flats (and cool birthday card) from my lovely lady Erikka on Wednesday was really helping stem the misery!


These are the perfect shoes. Don't let the uber low price tag at the market stall fool you. . . seriously, so comfortable. You never have to go through that horrible 'breaking them in phase' with these babies. They always just fit perfect! When I left Ontario, I rashly reasoned that my old worn out pair would last me until I found a new vendor here in Saskatoon. I mean a quarter of a million people live in this city, and it's a fairly ethnically diverse area. Still after being here nearly a year my search has proven futile. Even the ladies in the Asian markets are unable to find a supplier for them. Luckily for me . . . someone loves me.

As if receiving those perfect gems wasn't enough; today I returned home from a long day at work to find another package waiting for me! More goodness from my lady!

                                                    All your base are belong to us!

That is the awesome new messenger bag I shall be draggin' my junk around in! (It totally goes with my self made robot wallet) Crafted by Etsy seller Happy Family it's been hanging out over on my Wist* with all the other things I am currently coveting. . . but now. . it's mine! Allllll mine, I shall covet it no more! Thank you sooooo much Erikka! I loves you crazy and I can't wait until we can have date night again!

*What do you mean you don't have a wist? C'mon how can I efficiently stalk you people if you don't post up pretty pictures of the items you covet? See how well it turned out for me? Get on it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celluloid Sunday!

I've decided what this blog needs is a recurrent feature. . . or two. Therefore this post is the first in what will become a *hopefully* recurring series aptly named Celluloid Sunday! So let's start with the best film of 2009 that you've never , no really. . . you've NEVER seen. Heck, you may never have even heard of it, unless you really dig Brittany Snow, or indie films. Not being much of a Brittany Snow fan myself, (sorry Brittany I'm just not that familiar with your work) that leaves me firmly in the indie film fan category.

Brittany Snow is shocked & mildly disgusted by ninjarobotsthoughts blatant disregard for her career.

Thusly, I give you my deep and abiding passion for The Vicious Kind. This awesome little film has won several indie film awards and was nominated for many more but will just never find a large commercial market. It sits on the edge of what trendy movie people call "mumblecore" blending offbeat humour with dark dramatic passages of character growth and inferred plot expositions. These are the kind of films that are either deeply personally satisfying to you, or lull you into a semi-comatose state of WTF is happening here? and why did I agree to watch this? A feeling which is immediately compounded by the increasingly popular abrupt endings most of these films espouse.

Hollywood's big budget movie making machine has taught it's viewers to expect all plot lines to be wrapped up into neat little packages with pretty bows by the end of every film. All character issues are resolved to the extent where viewers can walk away satisfied that they know how the story ends. We know how it all works out for the characters. Their lives are better, their problems are solved; and Hollywood has your money, and you have a false sense of serenity. Big time movie directors sell you on the 'happy ending' every time. . . and on the odd occasion they don't the critics write it off as being "artsy". . . or "making a statement".

Indie film makers regularly employ the abrupt ending because that's precisely how life is really lived. We all come into this world somewhere in the middle of the story and leave it much the same way. We are all works in progress. Nothing is ever truly resolved. The best we can hope for on any given day is growth, and that's what these films showcase. The characters persevere, they endure; and with any luck we get to follow along on their journey and watch them grow. Sometimes by only the smallest of margins, but small changes often foster profound results.

If you can abide by that . . give The Vicious Kind a shot. It's worth it. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Toast Swapiness!

After 16 days of transit between Louisianna and Saskatoon my toast swap goodies finally arrived! And they're super cute! So even though I really ought to be asleep right now (work in the morning as per usual) I am in fact still wide awake and choosing now as an optimum moment to post up some right purty toast pics to this here blog! Check it out!

                                                  Toasty charm bracelet goodness, so cute.

French toast wall hanging. Which I must say as "franch" toast in my head every time I think or say it. If you've seen the uber sweet 80's film Better Off Dead you know what I'm talking about here! If you haven't seen the movie. . . what the heck are you still doing here! Go, find the movie and view it! NOW! (promise I'll wait for ya)

See that beauty right there? That my friends is ninja toast! Huh? Super sweet. . although . . the thought of a robotic toast to go along with him is now tickling the dark recesses of mind.

Ok. . enough. . . it's nearly 2:00, I best go make an attempt at sleeping.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Got bombshell?: Golden Girls : Sex and the City :: the egg : the chicken

Quick blogger link to an awesome post I stumbled onto : Got bombshell?: Golden Girls : Sex and the City :: the egg : the chicken Soooo frikkin' true! Touche Got Bombshell? ! Well played!

Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Obsession

So with the man-thing being gone all week and Malcolm out of town I was forced to entertain myself! (I think we can all agree that this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to me) I went to work every day . . came home and made dinner  ate something resembling dinner* . . . and watched cheesy documentaries about my current obsession.

Roller derby. Yep, Saskatoon has a roller derby league.

Unfortunately their next scheduled bout isn't until September :( Boo-erns. I so want to see these chicks in action! (youtube half-ass obliges http://www.youtube.com/user/saskatoonrollerderby) In the meantime I've been trying to find somewhere in the city which might possibly sell quad skates; much like these beauties right here. . .

oooh smexy

To no avail. I may just have to break down and order them online. You know. . so I can skate around. . and . . not. . . I mean NOT join the SRDL. 

But if I did. . . what should my derby name be??? I mean the name alone may well be the single most important part of being a roller derby girl. 

Incidentally . . I blame this obsession on subliminal messaging. Just yesterday I noticed that a vehicle I pass every day on my way into work has 3 bumper sticker/decals on the rear window. One for Sockdreams  http://www.sockdreams.com/_pages/index.php whose socks I absolutely adore! One for the SRDL . . and one last one that says:

                                                    EAT. . . SLEEP. . . DERBY

*may actually refer to a bag of dill pickle chips

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carl Sagan: A Universe Not Made For Us

Carl Sagan was the man . . and very few have ever been able to place things as firmly into the proper perspectives as he did. Carl was never an inflammatory speaker; seeking to belittle or anger his detractors. He simply put forth the truth of our circumstances here in this world as it is supported by empirical evidence. This universe was indeed, not 'made' for us. We are simply lucky enough to inhabit it and all of us ought to do better by it and preserve the natural state and balance of our universe as best we can, whilst continuing to grow and benefit from the 'forbidden fruit' ~ knowledge.

{If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library. ~ Frank Zappa}

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bird and the Bee - Rich Girl (Album Vers., HQ)

From the what am I listening to lately files . . . the ridiculously pop album tribute of the century. . . The Bird and the Bee ~ Interpreting the Masters Volume1: A Tribute To Hall & Oates. Yeah it's all a little syrupy, but if you grew up in the 80's it's pretty hard to pass it by LOL. Yeah there's no video, so listen anyway. I think the real question here is : if this is volume 1. . . which former 80's super pop group will they be covering next?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Night Ride!

I had no choice but to blog away about this little gem!

If you grew up back in the good old 80's and watched late night tv in Ontario than you'll remember this clip. One of a series of three clips used to end the programming day over at Global Television; it's loaded with classic shots of a night time ride down Yonge Street, Toronto! This thing brings back endless memories of a time when television channels actually stopped airing programming because it was night time. . . yeah. . . tv used to shut itself off kids. Twenty-four hour programming is not the way it's always been. Test patterns, colour blocks, the playing of O Canada as a shot of our flag waved in the breeze all signaled the end of the viewing day, but first you watched Night Ride.

Thanks again to my lovely lady who found this clip for me!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ok. . . as promised. . . the picture of the uber-sweet ride Malcolm and I saw while walking over to Kenderdine Rd yesterday!

                                                              ECTO 1

Sweet baby cheesus! It's the Ecto 1! Seriously, this car rocks. Even if the Ghostbusters theme song probably doesn't pump out of the empty computer casings high tech speaker system mounted on the roof as it rolls down the streets of Saskatoon. To the owner of this sweet ride : you sir are a genius! 

And, NO. . this doesn't have anything to do with what some might call my unhealthy attraction to Dr. Egon Spangler.
Ok. . . . maybe it kinda does. . just a little.

Wow, haven't been here in awhile!

Yikes! It's been over a year since I last updated this thing. So much for diligently blogging huh. Ah well. . . 'twas a very busy year. What with moving cross country and all. Anyhow. . .figured I'd come clean things up a bit and get back to posting.

Tomorrow (or later today as some people may hasten to point out after looking at the time stamps lol) . . I will endeavour to transfer the exceptionally sweet picture I took while walking with Malcolm earlier! I promise it's worth viewing! Here's a relative teaser pic for your viewing pleasure: