Saturday, April 10, 2010

Night Ride!

I had no choice but to blog away about this little gem!

If you grew up back in the good old 80's and watched late night tv in Ontario than you'll remember this clip. One of a series of three clips used to end the programming day over at Global Television; it's loaded with classic shots of a night time ride down Yonge Street, Toronto! This thing brings back endless memories of a time when television channels actually stopped airing programming because it was night time. . . yeah. . . tv used to shut itself off kids. Twenty-four hour programming is not the way it's always been. Test patterns, colour blocks, the playing of O Canada as a shot of our flag waved in the breeze all signaled the end of the viewing day, but first you watched Night Ride.

Thanks again to my lovely lady who found this clip for me!


Mrs. Mommy said...

This is a sweet little nugget of our past. I remember this show always said to me, " You are up waayyyyy to late! Go to bed!!" But it was mesmerizing.

Melissa said...

No way you could actually turn the set off while this was playing. . you had to see it through to the end!