Friday, April 9, 2010

Ok. . . as promised. . . the picture of the uber-sweet ride Malcolm and I saw while walking over to Kenderdine Rd yesterday!

                                                              ECTO 1

Sweet baby cheesus! It's the Ecto 1! Seriously, this car rocks. Even if the Ghostbusters theme song probably doesn't pump out of the empty computer casings high tech speaker system mounted on the roof as it rolls down the streets of Saskatoon. To the owner of this sweet ride : you sir are a genius! 

And, NO. . this doesn't have anything to do with what some might call my unhealthy attraction to Dr. Egon Spangler.
Ok. . . . maybe it kinda does. . just a little.


Mrs. Mommy said...

Oh it so does.. you freak..LOL That is one sweet-ass ride!!! Love it!

Melissa said...

You know you loves teh geeky boys yourself lol