Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Boss Is Awesome!

Last week my boss called me into her office *cue the ominous music* Just kidding! It's never scary in Becky's office; unless she's been up all night decorating the store with Debbs and is now cycling through the giddy delirium of sleep deprivation. Anyway Becky loves to shop, and with the holiday season nearly upon us she's been keeping her eye out for awesome gifty opportunities to spoil the staff. Hey wait. . staff. . .that's me! Wanna see what I got? I bet you do!

HOLY CRAP! It's zombie cross stitch!

Complete fun-ness including an undead MJ!

Bahaha mmmm . . . brains. . . 

So. . yeah, Becky told me she brought this home and her hubby was somewhat aghast until he was informed it was a gift for me. At which point I'm sure it all made perfect sense 'oh yeah that weird girl at work who makes me kinda uncomfortable'  Poor boy. I'm sure he was greatly relieved it wasn't going to be Becky's new hobby. Maybe I should get her into crafting oddities. Muahahahaha *rubs hands together evilly*. Think of the fun she could have! 

Anyway, isn't that just the best 'gift from the boss' you ever did see!? Go now. .  be jealous. It's ok. 


Meandering Michael said...

VERY cool!

Debbs said...

So have you done of the cross stitch zombies yet?

Melissa said...

Not yet . . . .but I'm making a deal with myself lol. If I finish my mom's xmas gift this week than I can stitch up some zombies for myself :D

Mrs. Mommy said...

As per usual, I missed this. This is the coolest staff gift.. EVER!! I need to see some finished projects..