Monday, January 3, 2011

First Post Of The New Year!

Well as per usual, real life sucked all the energy out of me and as a result I haven't blogged in a century! So now that Christmas is officially over and things are settling down I figured this blog is well over due for some attention.; and since it's been neglected for so long I have lots to share! Except I'm technically on my way to work so I'll start by posting up the pics of Lexi's Christmas baby. Or at least the pics I do have since as per usual I forgot to keep taking in progress shots while I was crafting. Go me!

Of course this 'before' shot is technically after I had begun to craft. See. . . I forgot before I even started! Really, how hard is it to take a decent before pic? Anyway, you get the gist, cute little baby. 

Here you can see I've got his base coat down and attached the wire which will support his dangling eye ball. Yes, I said dangling eye ball. Ohhhh c'mon you knew something was up from the first shot where his eye was laying on the table all nonchalantly beside him. 

Slightly blurry shot, nevertheless, here you can see I've added his teeth and affixed his 'eye' to the wire.

Add some bloody paint for the gore effects and to turn the wire into something slightly more plausible. Here's where I stop remembering to take the progress shots! *insert eye roll* 

I finished layering in the shading and added two horrible bloody scabs; scabs which are at that horrible stage where the margins are all lifted and picky. You desperately want to pick them off but the centers are still firmly attached and they'll bleed like crazy if you do it. . . . but you just can't resist the lure to pick at them! 

Anyway, as you can sort of see from this shot his ribs are slightly protruding from his chest as well. I gotta run off to work so mebbe I'll come back later and post up a happy little Chrimbo picture of him for you. Won't that be nice :)



Mrs. Mommy said...

This is totally awesome! ..and creepy..

Melissa said...

His little eye moves too :) You can wiggle it around from side to side . . . just in case he wants to see what's going on without having to turn his rotten little head. <3

Meandering Michael said...

So awesome. PLEASE tell me you have an etsy store.

Melissa said...

Thanks Michael :) . . alas I do not. I wish Crafting was more than my hobby but I never seem to have the time to devote to it. Mayhaps in the future lol . . .

jessie said...

Where kind of doll is this? what did you use for the ribs and teeth? Do you use a sealant over the paint? What kind of paint? This is seriously awesome... Could you perhaps post a tutorial some time? I would be forever in your debt!!!


Melissa said...

Hi Jessie :) I use regular toy dolls that I purchase from Walmart, you could use any doll you had at home. I tend to use Sculpey for things like the teeth and ribs; which must be baked in the oven to harden them. The dolls are painted with regular acrylic craft paints that I mix to get the colours I want. Sometimes I water the paint down when adding shading and depth. I seal my dolls with a mixture of Mod Podge Hard Coat and water because it's non-toxic. I usually do about 5 coats and on each successive coat I add more Mod Podge to the mixture. When I make the next doll I'll try to take more pics in order to better show the process for you and my fellow Craftsters who have asked for it as well. :) Thanks for reading my blog!