Thursday, May 26, 2011

Le Butcherettes & Facebook's Scarier Points

Some musical goodness brought to you by the fancy-schmancy Blog This! button hanging out on by my browser bar. This is it's first official run at helping me to remember to post more often, and I almost didn't do it. Instead I was about to post it to Facebook; a place I'm going to post less to since it is becoming more like a sanctioned stalker than a handy way of staying connected. Besides weeding out certain feeds from friends of it's own accord FB has become uber creepy in the last few months. It is constantly scanning the text of all posts and updates made in order to better predict which pages, ads, groups etc will appeal to the user. It even goes so far as to use colour matching as an attempt at suggestive selling. When Derby Baby showed up in my feed multiple times a day celebrating the impending release of what is to be an epic derby documentary. . . their pretty pink promo pic prompted FB's algorithm creator to determine that pink must be the colour for me! All the pages and ads suggested for me we're hot pink! I reloaded my page a minimum of ten times before it ran outta hot pink things to throw at me. Of course anyone who knows me for real is well aware that me and pink do not mix. Pink does not reside within my wardrobe. . . with the exception of a hot pink outline of Angus Young. Similarly when a friend underwent brain surgery recently, posting up progress pics of herself in the usual sick green hospital gown, FB noted my interest in her photo's and colour matched some beautiful ads for bridesmaid gowns. . . . . . in hospital green. Really FB? Puke green and hot pink? I can accept the fact that creating a status update about Alien nation causes me to have things like the Star Wars, and Alien fan pages suggested to me. . . . but seriously! Just because I view hospital recovery pics of my friends does not mean I wish to purchase sickly party gowns. You've gone too far. Anyway enjoy some music :)


Erikka said...

There is something decidely stalkerish about Facebook. I noticed the suggestions of pages according to what you say in comments. Very weird.. I haven't noticed the clour thing but now I'll watch for it. I'm really dislikinmg facebook but I'm so stuck on it. *sigh*

Melissa said...

It's true :( I've thought of deleting my account many times but for some friends n family back home it's the only way in which we connect. We don't have the time or energy in the day to keep up with all the people we care for. FB provides that to us 'painlessly' while quietly stealing away our souls. :(