Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rapture . . . . That Did Not Occur and My Hometown

It's the end of the world as we know it . . . and I'm bored as hell. May long weekend, nothing doing, just an over whelming sense of boredom. Got up & cleaned house today, did the shopping, and made some potato salad for dinner earlier this evening with the man-thing's father. Obviously this is not a normal occurrence as the man-thing's parents live back in Trenton; but being a truck driver sometimes lands his father out west. This time he was travelling from Maryland to Calgary. Which technically puts us as an outta the way unpaid detour, but I guess maybe he just wanted to see his son and hang out with some family this long weekend. (Even though I'm sure man-thing would argue otherwise) So we had some barbecue, and the men had some beer. I watched some live east coast derby action on Canuck Derby TV (I adore what these guys are trying to do for derby) and then the man-thing called it a night. So here I am . . bored, blogging.

Awhile back I was going to post one of those super cheesy 'hometown' posts for the Saskatoon peoples to ogle my roots. . . but then I started scouring the web for awesome pics and realized that most of the places I wanted to share. . . had darker images attached to them within my mind and catalogued on Google. Images of violence, and murder that seem to have proliferated in the last decade. The post never happened, much like the rapture that was set to occur today. (Nice work people who quit your jobs to fund billboards LOL) So, in lieu of earthquakes, floods, ultimate pain and suffering . . I give you sinners the bleakly nostalgic hometown post!

A little viewing music to set the mood

As it happens I actually don't have any of my own photo's here. They were one of the 'luxury' items we left packed in my mother's basement to be retrieved at a later date. So you'll have to make do with images procured through Google ;)

Downtown core at night. . looking particularly nice (more photo's and video's from owner's site here ) You can see 'Smoker's World' just on the other side of the crosswalk here. . a mainstay of Trenton retailers. . the place to procure magazines, cigarettes, and the occasional lotto ticket.

Another shot looking downtown from on the 'doughnut bridge'. We have two bridges. . the doughnut bridge, named for it's former proximity to the old Timmies location just left of this photo, and the 'chicken bridge' named for it's proximity to the KFC. (of course they have actual names but what fun is that?)

Some links to some very artsy pretty photo's . . . the old Coke sign . . .right around the corner from Jonzie's tattoo. . in case you wanna get inked by a guy you went to high school with. Night shot of the rear of the 'new' library/ city hall building (it will always be new to me) including the one thing you never go a day without seeing in Trenton, much less an hour. . . airplanes. Shot of the corner where the 'Hollywood North' sign is located. . also known as one block from my parents house.

Will S. . . has gone to the trouble of compiling an awesome Flickriver  of  Quinte West at large, complete with photo's of the Skyline Diner & Blue Room, and even the pallet yard where Tony used to build every day on Aikins Rd. Images from atop Mt. Pelion and even of Domtar. The only photo's I couldn't seem to locate to share here were ones of the 'doughnut bridge's' remarkable predecessor. As a child one of the thing's that stands out most in my memories of my hometown is the multispan swing bridge that originally sat at the mouth of the bay. With it's open grating and single arm to tell you not to enter; the bridge was going to swing and allow large vessels access into the Trent-Severn Waterway and it's many locks. Eventually traffic demands forced the city to do the unthinkable and replace the old swing bridge with a new higher arched bridge. One which was built adjacent to the old swinging bridge and 'slid' into place after the old one had been demolished. We all got to 'skip' school for awhile that day and watch this historic event with our class mates. I really would have thought someone would have a well documented series of photo's of this unique circumstance posted up somewhere on the net, but all I could find were citations in engineering documents. I'll keep looking though. . they're out there somewhere.

Anyway, this post could go on forever while I add any & everything about CFB Trenton. . but you can find a million pics or youtube videos online without any help from me regarding that subject. Though admittedly you'll also be dredging up the dark side of our sleepy little town's recent history as well.


Erikka said...

You could have added a video of Wahoo burning down. That was a Oh and Jim's tattoo place is on the main drag now. :)
Ah Trenton. My only fond memories of that place include you. <3

Melissa said...

Well I have to save some things for the sequel right? Greg & I are still thinking of mebbe making the trip home in the fall. Take a few photo's meself :)

I think mebbe you mentioned that to me before. . . or mebbe Malcolm told me after his visit last summer.

We did have a lot of fun back in the day. Pssssst. . . . Pearl Jam is playing here in the fall. . tickets go on sale this week. . guess who's buying? lol

Erikka said...

I despertely want you to come home in the fall.. desperately..

Melissa said...

Desperately want to come home. . . must see some very important people. . count yourself top of the list.