Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pocket Full of Sunshine???

So. . . on saturday, I went into Liquidation World; thought I'd browsillate. Didn't find any treasure much worth purchasing, with the exception of some cute little metallicy purple and black hair clips. However, while contemplating the over-priced area rugs I was treated to a rare display of somewhat creepy generational crossing, musical appreciation. There was an extremely old man propping himself up on two (that's right, so old he needed two) canes, hobbling through the furniture department along with me, and whistling along to Pocket Full Of Sunshine with more fervor than a toddler who has just discovered his first light switch. Although I never truly enjoyed this song, I never cared enough to dislike it either. . . until now. It's still the same sugary sweet, bouncy little groove it was before and yet somehow now it feels. . .tainted and just plain creepy. I don't begrudge the man his enjoyment of pop music, and if he had been grooving to Santogold I probably would have adopted him as my new family. There's just something about the combination of the two elements which becomes all the less endearing the more I think of it.

I got a pocket, Got a pocket full of sunshine
I got a love and I know that it's all mine
Oh, oh, oh
Wish that you could, But you ain't gonna own me
Do anything you can to control me
Oh, oh, oh
Take me away (take me away)
A secret place (a secret place)
A sweet escape (A sweet escape)
Take me away (take me away)

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michelle said...

hmmm that is kinda cute but creepy at the same time. Although maybe it is his theme song?? Maybe he is trying to tell his canes who's boss? Like his canes do anything they can to control him?? And he's just not gonna give in?? I don't know but it's still gotta be better than my mom singing along to pop songs in the car lol