Friday, August 6, 2010

Toast Swapiness!

After 16 days of transit between Louisianna and Saskatoon my toast swap goodies finally arrived! And they're super cute! So even though I really ought to be asleep right now (work in the morning as per usual) I am in fact still wide awake and choosing now as an optimum moment to post up some right purty toast pics to this here blog! Check it out!

                                                  Toasty charm bracelet goodness, so cute.

French toast wall hanging. Which I must say as "franch" toast in my head every time I think or say it. If you've seen the uber sweet 80's film Better Off Dead you know what I'm talking about here! If you haven't seen the movie. . . what the heck are you still doing here! Go, find the movie and view it! NOW! (promise I'll wait for ya)

See that beauty right there? That my friends is ninja toast! Huh? Super sweet. . although . . the thought of a robotic toast to go along with him is now tickling the dark recesses of mind.

Ok. . enough. . . it's nearly 2:00, I best go make an attempt at sleeping.

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