Sunday, August 29, 2010

Toast Swapiness! Part 2

Yes, I know it's Sunday and you were expecting Celluloid goodness. . . maybe later. MAYBE . . . . I make no promises! Courtenay finally received my toasty swap goodness down in Louisiana so it's now safe to post up the pics of the sweet toasty crafts I made for her.
Group shot!

***Mid post rant**** Ok seriously . . . uploading that photo almost killed me, stupid blogger picture uploader! Stop reading my metadata and just do what I tells ya! UGH!

Okay back to the super sweeeet toasty goodness! Courtenay, my partner, is a Cajun; or more aptly calls herself a Cajun hillbilly lol! So I made her an evolution of toast tote bag.

Some super kawaii "toasters" . . . coasters but toast ;)

A doubled sided keychain with moldy toast charm.

And for good measure I threw in some cotton perle DMC she was wisting after (living in a very small town she can only get her hands on white, black, and red) and a little toaster love card! 

Craftster is seriously the best little crafty place in the world! So many very talented artists and craftsters posting over there it's impossible not to be inspired by them! Stay tuned for my next swap goodies post. . . . . LEGEND!  

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