Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I really haven't been blogging lately. . .no random good posts, no stupid silly posts, and no Celluloid Sunday. You may be asking yourself exactly "why is that?" Well I'll tell you why. . . .my computer has been behaving like a dirty, dirty @#!&%. I have been suffering a nightmare myriad of BSODs! All with random causes, and none with any cause that can be directly tied back to one problem and thusly be solved! SERIOUSLY! So very frustrating! I have even had to wipe my drive and reinstall my O/S to no avail. The problem must be hardware you say; except that the man-thing has thrown every conceivable test at it and it comes away clean. Total freakin' anarchy reigns supreme within this beast. I kid you not. . it has blue screened whilst doing nothing. That's right, nothing. I have walked away to watch tv leaving no programs running and come back to find it has crashed.

Shhhh let's not tell the computer. . .but whatever the man-thing did last before heading to bed for the night is holding up! 3hours without my friend the BSOD and counting. . . . .running a little slow, kinda choppy at times but NOT turning blue. LOL 

I had to blog you up a link to this though; Hallowe'en preparations have begun in earnest and Kelloggs did not want to be left out this year. Thusly they have released some special limited edition Pop-Tarts for their happy consumers to . . well . . .consume. Check it out over on one of my all time favourite blogs to read ever x-entertainment. One can only hope that they will be made available to those of us north of the border.

Speaking of Hallowe'en and not blogging recently. . . look what I found over at Michaels the other day.

Yep, that's a close up lit shot of my glowing, flashing skull string of Hallowe'en lights . . which plays. . wait for it. . . .John Carpenter's Hallowe'en Theme! Yeah, they're not Michael masks, but I think I can live with it coz it's still pretty cool. 

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