Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shhhhh . . .it's a secret!

I know she won't see this post, so now that it's ready and being shipped in the morning, I'll let you all have a sneak preview of Lexi's crafted gift this year. I like to try to make her special hand crafted items for her birthday in particular. She truly appreciates having unique one of a kind items with a dark sense of humour. So this year I decided to try my hand at a OOAK custom doll; and since Walmart had these pretty awesome "candy dishes" they were selling, it was a no-brainer as to what the doll should become. This post is going to be epically picture fat! Forewarned!

 What do we have here?

Dead Demon Baby Doll !!!

Yep, I took an innocent, cheery, plastic baby doll and turned him into the scourge of the earth. Most of these photo's had to be taken without flash to avoid the glare of the flash off of his pasty, dead pallor; so I hope you can still get a good look at the little beastie!

Awwww, so cute. . . bye bye!

Full body repaint to achieve pallor and texture of flaking, decaying skin.

Still kinda cute though. . . . 

And what self respecting demon leaves the house without horns?

More textures, shading, and decomposition spots.

A little blood :)

Not too much now. . .

Just right. . . .blood from the ears and eyes. . .

Ooooh. . .dead demon baby bum!

A dead ducky, and monster robe to complete the ensemble.

There you have it. . .and he's off to Ontario to live with the rest of Lexi's collection of oddities and horror memorabilia! I hope she loves him, I think he turned out pretty good; even if I am slightly biased.  LOL 


Meandering Michael said...


pushingoars said...

this is so creepy, and amazing.

Mrs. Mommy said...


Can I have one for my birthday? :D

Melissa said...

Thank you all *does awkward bow* LOL*

Michael I never knew you liked creepy things :) the dark side is making an appearance :P

Ummmm. . .yes you may have one for your birthday . . .I have plenty of time to accomplish this task !

Knickertwist said...

I usually don't go in for the full gore thing but that is awesome! I love the butt crack, crack... Nice.